Who Am I

Kia ora! I'm Bracken, a dedicated fashion aficionado and budding designer, proudly representing the vibrant fashion scene of New Zealand. Driven by a profound love for creativity, a keen entrepreneurial spirit, and an unyielding commitment to sustainability, I'm on a mission to redefine the vintage clothing experience.

My devotion to fashion extends far beyond trends, rooted in a deep belief in the power of a circular supply chain. Every garment in my collection is a testament to this commitment, embodying a piece of history with a modern twist, and a sustainable future.

Within the heart of my store, you'll discover meticulously chosen pieces that not only exude style and craftsmanship but also champion the values of a circular fashion economy. Each item is carefully selected to complement your personal style while leaving a positive footprint on our planet.

Beyond the racks, I'm passionate about building a community of kindred spirits who share a love for fashion that defies the ebb and flow of passing fads. Together, we're rewriting the narrative, celebrating individuality, and embracing the beauty of a garment's journey.

I invite you to join me on this transformative journey as we weave threads of style, entrepreneurship, and sustainability into a tapestry that tells a story of conscious fashion choices. Together, let's make a bold statement, one vintage piece at a time, while paving the way towards a brighter, circular future for the fashion industry.

Nau mai, haere mai! (Welcome!)